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reading: The Scarlet Letter
listening to: FOB
obsessing over: Naruto, Fairy Tail



he just can’t let it go

None of us can

my friends are having a movie night tonight and I can’t go because I’m ill

and they were trying to talk me into coming and I wanna so bad. why do I always have to be ill at such an inappropriate time



Gaara of the sand
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1. Favorite female character?
2. Favorite male character?
3. What is one critizism you can think for kishi?
4. How far would you go to have your OTP become canon?
5. Do you have an anti-OTP?
6. Favorite Naruto movie?
7. When do you first remeber watching Naruto?
8. Which character reminds you of yourself the most?
9. Least favorite character?
10. Do you buy the volumes or do you just read them online?
11. Do you have any friends you fan girl/boy to about Naruto?
12. If you got to choose one character to come back to life for good who would it be and why?
13. Least favorite shipping fandom in Naruto?
14. Have you ever cospayed as a Naruto character? who?
15. Favoite Naruto fan fiction?
16. If you got one thing to say to kishi what would it be?
17. Favorite Naruto blogs?
18. Sexiest Naruto character?(include picture)
19. Favorite arc?
20. What are you going to do when the manga ends?




Anatomy of a Rockstar with Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy




people be like ‘armin isnt as badass as levi or mikasa tbh..”

hold the fucking phone

did you just forget that that kid carried around illegal books when he was like eight years old of even younger possibly and its not like he doesn’t know because he KNOWS theyre illegal and he was basically like ‘fuck the police’ at eight/nine years old because his dream is so important to him like. so what if he hasnt killed a damn titan his plans have saved a lot more lives and it bugs me when people are like ‘armin is So useless……..armins just a weak crybaby bitch’ and shit like that because he’s p saved like hundreds of lives??????? it was HIS idea to use the rogue titan for the rest of them to get into HQ in the first place????? it was HIS idea to use the rogue titan to block up the hole in trost?????? and it also makes me mad because people take the scene where armin makes that damn face (which is also the scene where people are all ‘he manipulated bert hes so insane XD’) and people think hes so evil like……………….fuck you man


NaruHina movie 10 by Soel-chan